Sri Mulyani Optimistic on Post-pandemic Economic Recovery


Finance Minister Sri Mulyani in the Sebelas Maret University dies natalis event on Friday said many countries are eager to enter the recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, including Indonesia.

She cited a popular adage during the event on March 11; “No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”

Sri Mulyani said that the world is experiencing immense pressure caused by the highly transmissive coronavirus which has claimed more than 6 million lives globally, crippled the economy of many countries, and caused people to restrict public activities and remain at home.

She mentioned New York that looked deserted, the holy city of Mecca that went empty due to the pandemic, and streets in Jakarta that were also empty as public activities suddenly reduced.

“The pandemic is an extraordinary event that affected nearly half a billion people. The lives lost are also higher than past pandemics,” the minister said.

Fortunately, she said, after battling through an ongoing pandemic for two years, countries have started to show trends of improvement. The recovery indicator is seen from the country’s economic growth which will return to a positive track at the end of 2021. Sri Mulyani claimed that the recovery was achieved due to various policy mixes.

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