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Making it too complicated alienates people and hinders community relations. The most common mistake that people make when preparing HOA financial statements is not adding enough detail. Add every detail, no matter how small, so you have a more thorough insight and better decision-making. CSM is able to support the board and take care of regular administrative tasks like collecting HOA fees, paying bills, sending out reminder notices, etc.

Losing control over financial data is another cause for concern when hiring an out-of-house bookkeeper or outside management company. A lack of internal oversight of the association’s finances can lead to trouble if data or money are misused. It’s crucial to find a trustworthy out-of-house bookkeeper who allows association members access to financial records to ensure there are no discrepancies or warning signs of fraud.

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When applicable, there will also be a record of specific invoices or bills being fulfilled. Please call us today for a free analysis and a strategic management plan for your HOA. In general terms, here’s what goes into an HOA balance sheet and how to prepare to fill one out. Your balance sheet should detail three categories of information. Overall, however, here’s the generally expected practice for setting up and tracking HOA fees in QuickBooks.

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Without proper systems in place or someone keeping track of records, things can get out of hand quickly, leading to potential nightmare situations and causing distrust among members. This way, your HOA board can stay on top of the finances and make informed decisions, without being bogged down by accounting tasks. Accounts payable is the next item to understand when you’re learning how to take care of HOA bookkeeping. This refers to any unpaid expenses for the association, such as invoices for repair work, utility bills and municipal fees. Accounts payable reporting keeps the HOA aware of every expense that needs to be paid in the current month. These are HOA accounting procedures that every association must be carrying out to accurately record and assess its fiscal well-being.

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Our management services are flexible and tailored to meet the needs and challenges of each community we manage. We use property management software specializing in full accounting services for communities through secure cloud based technology. If an HOA board does not have adequate financial expertise and experience, it might be in their best interest to outsource https://www.bookstime.com/ to a financial management company. Though it will be an added expense for the community, the benefits far outweigh the costs—especially since not sorting out finances can lead to a lot of trouble for the association.

This method can give you a more accurate long view of your HOA’s financial health and performance. In cash-basis accounting, you record income when you receive it and expenses when you pay for them. This method is easy to understand, simple to administer, but can’t always do the best job of depicting your community’s financial hoa bookkeeping affairs over time. Your fast-growing business needs comprehensive accounting and CFO services. Trust REA to track and organize your expenses and income, reconcile your accounts, and more. Each month, you’ll receive flawless financial statements and reports that give you a clear picture of how your business is performing.

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